Draped: Accessory Inspiration

Interior inspiration doesn’t have to only come from looking at your sofa and drapery, think of all the little accessories around your home too.  Think of the way you’ve styled your coffee table, or the looks in your gallery wall, or the perfect arrangement of flowers on the counter.  I loved the delicate look to this flower arrangement, especially with the simple stand and candle decorations surrounding it.

In the first look I took everything feminine about the flowers and put it into the outfit.  The dress combines the white and mauve colors, the pink wedges are so light that they can help add visual height to the leg, and the brocade coat is a gorgeous completer piece.  The darker accessories (pulled from the dark flowers) add an interesting twist to the otherwise light outfit.  Plus, the simplicity of the accessories makes the outfit feel rich.

In the second look, I wanted a more casual feel.  The pink skinny jeans are perfect for spring, especially when paired with a peplum top (a trend still going strong).  The lace of the top also reflects the overall girly feel of the inspiration photo.  The darker pink cardigan again pulls in the darker flowers and the cream bag, shoes and ring pull from the flower arrangement surroundings- like the light coming from the candle holders.

Have you ever used a floral arrangement as outfit inspiration?



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