Draped: Trend Watch: Sheer

One of the recent big trends in interior design has been acrylic furniture- see through, clear.  From desks to coffee tables, chairs to accessories, this trend has taken over households.  And no surprise, this trend is also coming through for spring clothing in the form of sheer items.  Sheer can be a tricky trend to pull off and should be worn sparingly.  In the photo above, you can see how I used inspiration from the beautifully decorated room to influence everyday sheer wear.

I fell in love with the look of the room because of it’s lightness, the simplicity, and the perfectly paired colors.  I took those same elements and applied them in different ways to each of the outfits.  The pink peplum dress has a hint of sheer at the neckline (which adds a touch of sex appeal).  I continued with this theme with the tights and jewelry.  The shoes also have a hint of sheer to keep the overall theme going.  This outfit would be perfect for a date night.

The second look is work appropriate- in a more casual laid back office.  The polka dot top, though sheer, has a layer underneath to keep the top appropriate.  I paired it with a structured suit and then had fun with the accessories.  The acrylic necklace, see through bag and sheer shoes add to this trend.

The final outfit is one to wear out with your girl friends.  The black top is sheer, but the pink skinny jeans add femininity to the look (as well as compliment the colors of the inspiration photo).  The pink is repeated with the clutch, booties and sunglasses and the acrylic jewelry completes the look.

So what do you think of this trend, in both interiors and clothing?  Is it something that you’ll try?

Interior image via.

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