Draped: Interior Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many different forms.  Fashion designers all over the world get their inspiration for new collections from every day life, what they see around them, where they travel, who they know.  I get my fashion inspiration from bloggers, magazines, celebrities, color boards and interior design.  Interiors are a great way to gather inspiration- think of all the colors and textures that we put into our home.  You can apply these same ideas to your clothing.

In the photo above, I found this great, rich looking, colorful room.  I love the bright colors and the ornate details of the room.  To translate the interior inspiration to your clothing, think of the color palette.  In the outfit on the right, I took the color of the wardrobe- the main object in the photo- and found a dress with a similar color.  I built the rest of the outfit around it.  The necklace has similar colors to the mirror above the wardrobe (as well as a similar shape), and I enhanced the outfit with silver details, just as in the photo.

In the second outfit, I focused more on the details of the photo.  The lace in the top resembles the shape in the mirror and on the knobs of the wardrobe.  I included a punch of color with the orange skinny jeans, jewelry, and bag.  But I grounded it all with the black leather jacket and simple black shoes.  This keeps the look wearable.

So the next time you’re stuck staring into your closet searching for inspiration, take a look around your home.  Do you have interesting color and texture combinations?  What about the lines of your furniture?  Your interior is a reflection of your style- why not apply it to your fashion as well?

Interior photo via Pinterest.

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